Dog Training & Socialising

If you have a puppy or even older dog that needs training, Dogs Day Afternoon can help! Darren is an experienced trainers accustomed to working with dogs from all breeds and walks of life, and we train all dogs in a safe environment where they can feel comfortable while learning new skills. We enjoy busting the myth that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” – we’ve taught many!


Our training allows both pups and dogs to learn to socialise with other dogs in a relaxed environment, and the safety of each dog and the general public is our main priority. Darren himself was trained with the National Dog Trainers Federation, and uses a combination of reinforcement methods during training, depending on what works best for your dog. We’ll also show you the methods we’re using so you can keep the training up at home.


To enquire about a free consultation for any of the services available at Dogs Day Afternoon, please feel free to call our friendly team today on 03 9696 0900, or contact Darren on 0417 524 015.


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