Dog Walking

Dog walking is an important part of our business, and we love nothing more than taking an energetic group of dogs out and about for some good old-fashioned fresh air and sunshine. Regular pack-walking ensures that your dog is tired at night, socialised and mentally stimulated, which is crucial for their development. As the saying goes, “a tired dog is a good dog”. Our dog walks last for 30, 45 or 60min depending on your dog’s needs, and we walk your dog safely in a group of other animals with compatible temperaments to ensure they enjoy themselves.


We cater to whatever your dog’s walking needs are - some clients come for walks twice daily, some come once a week and some come every now and then – let us know what suits you. Our staff are flexible to accommodate your dog’s needs, and we are fully insured.


Dogs Day Afternoon operate our dog-walking service 7 days a week, and we’ll pick up and drop off your dog in our air-conditioned van. We also check they have enough water when we drop them off, so everything is taken care of!


If you are interested in our local dog-walking service, then we offer a free home visit and initial walk so we can assess your dog in a comfortable environment.



(Price quoted for 1 dog – talk to us for a quote if you have a bigger furry family!)

30 minute walk


45 minute walk


60 minute walk