My dog likes a Sunday walk. Can you do that?


We will exhaust your pup for you any day of the week. We like to do our weekend walks in the mornings where possible, but we love a Sunday stroll as much as the next person!


I’m going on holidays for a week but my dog hates kennels. Can you help?


Some dogs are just too anxious in a kennel environment. We can pop in a couple of times a day, feed and walk your dog, clean up after them, play with them and give them a cuddle. We’re really happy to talk to you about what you think your pup might need while you’re away.


My dog is dog-aggressive. Can you still walk him/her?


We offer both group walks and individual walks, chat to us for details and prices. Lots of dogs have been referred to us from local doggy daycare businesses due to behavioural issues, and we then devise a strategy to manage and improve the behaviour gradually. We won’t ever put a dog in a situation where they or another dog are at risk, and we’ll make sure all dogs are safe and happy in a group walk.


Is my small dog or puppy safe in your walking group?


We prioritise safety in everything that we do at Dogs Day Afternoon. Before a dog would ever be allowed off-lead at a dog park (which is the only place we ever let them off-lead), we would ensure that we are very familiar and confident with their temperament and history.


We don’t walk more dogs than we can handle, and our walkers need to have significant experience to work with us.


My dog is a nightmare, I’m close to rehoming. Can you help?


Please call us! Nobody wants to see a dog rehomed where it isn’t absolutely necessary, and even a very destructive dog can often improve with the right guidance and measures put in place. It might involve assessing the environment the dog lives in, the level of exercise it is enjoying, and looking carefully at any anxiety or medical issues that might be a factor.


We love dogs and we want to see as many as possible stay with their families. In fact, staff member Rachel met Darren because her own dog Rocky was in this predicament – he’s still happily with her many years on!


I work full-time; when can I bring my dog in to be groomed?


We generally have a spare key to our client’s homes (if you are comfortable with this). We can pick your dog up for walking or grooming while you’re at work and return them safely afterwards. We start our walks when the birds start chirping and we usually finish late afternoon.


If you prefer, you could also bring your pup in yourself on a Saturday (bookings are required for grooming appointments).


My dog has a big yard to play in. Does he really need walking too?


Walking is about more than exercise. A dog left alone in even the biggest yard can become bored, destructive and lonely. Walking provides mental stimulation for dogs, as well as socialisation. Even a quick walk provides them with the opportunity to smell new smells, see new sights and just shake some of that boredom that can lead to them eating your new shoes!